NAACP Amarillo host first black history luncheon

NAACP Amarillo host first black history luncheon


Over a hundred people gathered in downtown Amarillo to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders who fought to gain equal rights for people of color.

The NAACP Black History Luncheon began, Feb. 25, Saturday afternoon. It brought people from all over the Panhandle together to eat and fellowship.

The  event also  gave guests the opportunity to go back in time to hear the lyrics of old songs, remember the words from great African-American leaders, and listen to local speakers talk about how we can do better in coming together in the community.

"This is one of many that we will have in the coming years, but we will recognize different members of the civil rights movement, both national and locally. Today is a kick off from the NAACP Black History Luncheon," said Amarillo NAACP President Floyd Anthony.  

Chief Ed Drain with the Amarillo Police Dept. was the keynote speaker for the event. He said he appreciate the love and the support from the community in being the first African-American Chief of Police in Amarillo. 

"It is historic and a lot of people think that’s important, and as we saw having President Barack Obama in office clearly did not end the racial hatred in this country and clearly it will not end it in Amarillo with me being police chief, but I will go about doing my job the best way I can and go from there, " Chief Drain said. 

Anthony said  that the rich African American history  will never be forgotten and will forever be celebrated as long as we never forget where came from and always know where we going.