Lyft added to Amarillo's ride-sharing services

Lyft added to Amarillo's ride-sharing services

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo is one of 54 markets where Lyft will be newly available when the ride-sharing company opens for panhandle business at noon Thursday.

Lyft matches drivers with passengers who request rides through the app, available on Android and iOS devices. Payments are made automatically through the app and the user's preferred method.

The California-based company's latest expansion is its largest to date, according to a company press release.

"In just the first two months of 2017, we've introduced Lyft to nearly 100 new cities, thanks in large part to today's launch," said Jaime Raczka, Head of Early Stage Markets and Expansion. "We look forward to continuing this rapid momentum, bringing Lyft's safe, affordable rides to even more cities this year."

Anyone interested in becoming a driver for Lyft can apply online. Potential drivers for the company are subject to extensive background checks.

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