Rick Husband 20 year master plan almost complete

Rick Husband 20 year master plan almost complete
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Rick Husband International Airport administrators are now on the last step of finalizing a 20 year plan for the airport.

First up will be upgrades to the airport taxi ways.

But airport officials are laying the groundwork for possible growth at Rick Husband, and that final step was a public meeting Wednesday evening to take more suggestions.

This 20 year plan is based off data from 2015, and projects will run all the way up to 2035.

Directors said right now the airport is meeting the demand when it comes to space and number of flights.

But they're preparing if the area starts to grow and they may need to add another gate and other amenities.

"If the demand changes at least we have some sort of idea or funding mechanisms already in place so that we can start to make immediate changes, or at least begin the design and construction phases of those slated projects," said Tyler Hurst, Acting Director of Aviation at the airport.

As far as immediate changes or improvements, safety and convenience are what Hurst says the public wants most from the airport.

"[There is] potential for the preferred parking lot in the parking facility to be reconfigured and upgraded, along with additional way finding from Airport Boulevard into the airport which could add to the convenience," said Hurst.

Other projects planned include upgrading the tarmac, conducting environmental reviews and additional preparations for that potential growth in demand.

After reviewing comments from Wednesday's meeting, the master plan will be sent to the FAA for final approval and then projects will begin.

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