Burkett reflects on his term as an Amarillo City Councilman

Burkett reflects on his term as an Amarillo City Councilman

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo City Council member Randy Burkett said he will not be running for re-election after one term because he completed almost all the goals he set out to achieve.

Burkett, a businessman, had no prior government experience before running for the council in 2015.

He said he did not like the direction the city was headed, putting all its focus on downtown and spending money in the wrong places.

"I knew how I was going to make things happen when I ran, and I had answers when I ran," said Burkett. "I wanted to revise animal welfare out there and fix it, which we did. And there were several things like that, [like] new board appointments. I didn't just say I wanted to do it. I did it."

His biggest accomplishments he believes were finding a new city manager, police chief and AEDC president.

These positions were not vacant when he joined the council.

"To me [the people in those roles] were going down the wrong path so I thought those three positions right there were key."

The current council has butted heads on a lot of issues, but Burkett believes that's healthy as long as they get to a solution.

Burkett has been in the spotlight over the years for actions and remarks some citizens have found offensive.

Most recently, it was a Facebook comment that some viewed as racist.

"I regret making a lot of those posts and most of them I didn't make," he said. "I either liked or shared them. And there was a lot of controversy going on back in those days. But I regret that, I do."

Two years were enough for Burkett, and he said the new city management and upcoming council will continue the work he laid down with the current council

"I don't even like to think where we'd be today had we not gotten a new vision on that council," he said. "I think now we're on the right track moving forward and I feel totally confident handing it off to the new council. With the key employees we have in place now I think we have a real bright future ahead."

Burkett is endorsing Tom Warren II for his seat on the council.

With the extra time he'll have when his term ends in May, Burkett plans to do more traveling, golfing and playing with his grandkids.

His time on the council, he said, was "definitely worth it."

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