Congressman Mac Thornberry stops in Amarillo to hear regulation concerns

Congressman Mac Thornberry stops in Amarillo to hear regulation concerns

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Businessmen from around the Panhandle gathered today to voice their concerns, when it comes to federal regulations impacting their business.

Congressman Thornberry is getting feedback from Texans about issues impacting them daily. And today, he listened to what those here in Amarillo have to say.

The panhandle is made up of a diverse group of industries. From car sales, to agriculture, you'll see it all. And today, Congressman Mac Thornberry made it his goal to hear them out.

"I have visited each of these businesses over the last few years and talked to them about what the federal government was doing that effected their ability to create jobs and stay in business," says Thornberry.

Right now, the process of repealing regulations is underway in Washington and Thornberry says he wanted to make sure Congress is repealing those that make the most difference to those in our area. The biggest concern they voiced was Obamacare.

"Some of the companies here pay all the health insurance for their employees. But the costs are going up so far, so fast they can't keep doing it and then others talked about the paperwork requirements with the Obamacare law and all the different provisions," says Thornberry.

Thornberry tells us while they are working to repeal Obamacare, they are working to replace it with something more sensible and is not a quote one size fits all approach to healthcare. Despite the heated discussions on that topic, there are still other regulation worries, hence the REINS act passed last month.

"We are repealing some specific regulations, but also we're trying to make it more difficult for bureaucracies to pass big regulations, going around congress. The REINS act says that if a regulation is going to effect the economy of the country more than 100 million dollars worth, congress has to approve it first before it takes effect."

Thornberry will continue having these meetings throughout the district...his next stop in Witchita Falls.

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