ARAD celebrates serving 500 clients in four years

ARAD celebrates serving 500 clients in four years
ARAD location on 1703 S. Advondale St. (Source: KFDA)
ARAD location on 1703 S. Advondale St. (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs' (ARAD) shelter treatment program has served 500 clients in the last four years.

Since 2013, the Shelter Program has helped introduce people into rehabilitation to overcome substance abuse.

ARAD said more than 68 percent of its participants stay to finish the program.

"We provide an intensive outpatient treatment for people who have a substance misuse disorder and our goal was to really provide quality help," said ARAD Board President, Dr. Perry Gilmore. "We partner with all the homeless shelters in Amarillo. Our clients stay in the shelters while they go to ARAD, we provide transportation and meals while we are serving them through the Shelter Program."

The Shelter Program is a six week rehabilitation course.

After each class, the organization will pick 16 people to go through the program to help them through substance disorders, so he or she can leave homelessness behind.

"A lot of these people don't know where to find the help that is available," said ARAD Community Services Director, Roger Yoakum. "It's really a holistic program. We give family like help and we don't treat just obvious symptoms of the disease, we get down to all the root causes and conditions of the problem."

Laci Alexandria is an Amarillo native and is now homeless due to drug abuse.

She has been with ARAD for over 3 weeks and said it has motivated her to reach for goals she felt she could not achieve before.

"The overwhelming feeling is over and I'm not scared anymore," said Alexandria. "I know that things are going to be okay, and I think it's because the people that I'm in this class with are going through the exact same thing that I am, so I'm not feeling so alone."

ARAD is currently working to serve more people, though they admit 16 into rehab every six weeks, they currently have about 12 on a waiting list.

To serve more people, the organization is expanding their services to 1001 Wallace Blvd.

Right now, they are raising funds to provide more services to locals in need.

If want to learn more about ARAD or if you're looking to donate you can visit their Facebook page.

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