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Residents join to improve traffic safety

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

A group of concerned Amarillo residents are trying to improve traffic safety in their neighborhood.

The intersection of Hatfield Drive and Sandie Drive does not meet the requirements to create additional speed restrictions in that area. 

Despite a 30 miles per hour speed limit, residents are concerned that high school students are driving through this area distracted and out of control.

"Amarillo high is just down the street and at lunch time, [when it's] time to go to school, and after school they just fly down this street because it is a straight shot to get to 45th," said resident Teai Day. "There have been several wrecks because they'll be talking to friends and just run right on through."

Despite complains from residents, the city believes this area has too little traffic to justify the addition of a four-way stop.

Therefore, residents needed to petition the Traffic Advisory Board to make these safety improvements impossible. 

The community was able to get more than 70 percent of tenants to sign the petition, and have it approved by the advisory board.

The petition will now be brought before city council for final approval.

While this is not the first time people in this area have tried to improve safety, Day is confident these restrictions will be passed.

"I tried doing speed bumps but people didn't want to pay for it, so we just kept trying and nothing worked," said Day.

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