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Pampa man hopes new mentoring program will inspire teens

Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Lonnie Shelton / Source: KFDA Lonnie Shelton / Source: KFDA

Lonnie Shelton and his friends are on a mission to help steer teens in the right way and help give them a purpose in life. 

The group of men are in the process of bringing a classic car museum and work shop to Pampa.

Their vision is to draw in teens and teach them more about cars and the mechanics behind them.

The program will teach teens the basics behind mechanical work, welding techniques and car painting, but Shelton hopes the program will do just a little bit more. 

"What if we can get these guys in there and start teaching them some basics about mechanics and things about old cars and maybe answer a few of their questions," Shelton said. "You know, sometimes questions come up that have nothing to do with working on old cars... like 'hey I am having problems at home and maybe your words can help.'"

The mechanical mentors won't be the only mentors teens will be working with.

Right now, Shelton is working with local business owners to join his organization and become mentors.

He hopes the program can lead to an apprentice in a law firm, fire station or auto shop.

"I like to know there is a day coming that a guy will come up to me and say you showed me about those old cars, you took the time just to be my friend and that changed my life," Shelton said. 

For those interested in donating, becoming a mentor or learning more about Shelton's project you can contact Lonnie Shelton at 806-662-2073, Kent Dyosn at 806-663-1315 or Mike Hooper at 806-661-9838.

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