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Students at Bowie 6 create books for kids in Kenya

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Source: Bowie 6th Grade Campus Source: Bowie 6th Grade Campus
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: Bowie 6th Grade Campus Source: Bowie 6th Grade Campus
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

One local 6th grade class is working to help kids they've never met. They wrote and illustrated books for a school in Kenya to fill their library.

Bowie 6 worked hard creating books not only for a grade but for an important purpose. The books are being sent overseas to Africa to help a school in Kenya who doesn't have a library. 

The idea came about a because of a fake scenario that a school in our area burned down and lost the books in their library. But this year, with the help of the non-profit organization Kids of Kenya, they chose to donate to an actual campus in need.

The students are really excited to send their books to Kenya. Especially, after a video showed them the school and their limited resources.

"It showed the school, showed the kids, showed what their buildings looked like," says, Destini Hendershott a 6th grade teacher at Bowie 6. "It showed the dirt floors, that they don't have electricity and showed their minimal resources. Our kids looked at that and said, that's where we get to send books, and they were so excited about it."

The students wrote their books based on the interests of the kids in Kenya. Some wrote about Unicorns, while others wrote about WWE or Superheroes.

Wednesday, Feb. 22 the kids will be having a talk in front of their peers, teachers and even the superintendent, just like real authors do. They are prepared to read parts of their book and talk about why they wrote about their topic.

In 2009 Kids of Kenya founder Mindy Montano set a goal to run a half marathon on all seven continents. But in 2010, after traveling to Africa she set a new goal of helping a small orphanage in Kenya. She quickly realized they were in need of schooling and started her organization to raise money to get the kids in class. 

Mindy's day job is at Amarillo Independent School District, and the teachers at Bowie 6 approached her with an idea of how their 6th grade classes could help the kids. The class then wrote 90 books to send to the school to fill the empty library.

Mindy told NewsChannel10 she is sure their peers in Kenya will be ecstatic. "We are going to take these books to the children," says Kids of Kenya founder Mindy Montano.

"They are ecstatic, one, that they are getting something but two that other children made the books specifically for them. The orphans that I help take care of in Mwiega will be excited that someone was thinking of them and made something for them."   

A lot of people want to help the kids in the orphanage but for Montano this project was unique and special. It focused on the children and how even students in 6th grade could help. The books Bowie 6 are sending will help some students in Kenya learn to read and for others it will expand their vocabulary and their imagination.

Those books will be delivered during spring break to the children at the Mwiega Primary School in Kenya by Mindy Montano, AISD Digital Learning Leader and founder of Kids of Kenya and Kieni West.

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