Complaints continue about door-to-door solicitors in Amarillo

Complaints continue about door-to-door solicitors in Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Amarillo Police Department has received complaints about some door to door salespeople.

The method was more popular before computers and cell phones, but people still sell items and services door to door. And with more and more complaints circulating, APD is asking you to take caution and know the rules.

Hearing a knock or a ring has not been uncommon in our area. Despite the season, door to door salespeople continue to solicit.

"We have received calls on door to door salesmen," says APD Officer Jeb Hilton. "We've had some that have been alarm salesmen, others that have been vacuum salesmen."

Some reports say these are legitimate sales people who just won't go away, and others claim they are thieves scoping out homes. But if you are not sure, you can ask to see their permit. The APD runs a background check on the individual and issues a specific license.

"Just because they have a permit does not mean that we support their business or what they're doing, it just says that they were eligible to go door to door and sell whatever item it is that they have," says Hilton.

If you encounter someone at your door and they are unwelcome, Hilton offers some tips to keep yourself safe. You can just not answer your door, or yell a few words through the door.

"I don't want your business and get off my property. If the person continues to stay, if they continue to try to talk their way into your residence as them to leave, if they don't do that, call the police," says Hilton.

APD does recognize many of these people selling items do work for reputable businesses, so you are advised just to be cautious.

"Just because somebody is out selling door to door does not mean that they're up to no good," says Hilton. "They might be out trying to make a living, trying to forward their business and get your business for them."

These solicitors are only allowed to go door to door between 10 and 7.

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