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Amarillo Zoo creates new Wild Child adoption program

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Do you already think you have too many children? Well how about adopting one more, the Amarillo Zoo is looking for members of the community to adopt a "Wild Child" at the zoo. 

You don't actually have tigers or lemurs running around your home. But, you can become the proud parent of one of the Amarillo Zoo animals by participating in the new Zoo Parent program. 

By symbolically adopting an animal through this program, you not only aid in the care and feeding of that animal, you also support important improvements and the growth of the Amarillo Zoo. 

"While we do provide basic care the Wild Child Program does allow us to do more," says Zoo Education Director Haley Wilde. "It does allow us to do more to improve the exhibits if needed and allows us continue to purchase advanced enrichment items. It allows us to continue to improve the quality of care for our animals."

There are many different layers of adopting a Wild Child. Everyone who adopts an animal gets a zoo parent bumper sticker. If you choose and are able to donate higher amounts of money to the program, you can also receive pictures of your animal, a plush toy or even have your name at the enclosure. 

Adopting a Wild Child is important to the function of the zoo and it helps the community understand and appreciate how the zoo runs on a day to day basis. 

We all have our favorite animals and the wild child program is an easy way for members of the community to contribute to the care of the animal you chose as well as the zoo.

Zookeepers have specific things they must to do for the animals. Whether it's feeding, exhibit upkeep and maintenance, or enrichment for the animals, their basic daily care costs money.

The zoo is funded by the city and that budget is used for day to day care. Money donated through programs like adopting a Wild Child helps the zoo free up other funds to improve visitor experience and most importantly the quality of animals care.

"We have our budget that we do our day to day activities with." Says Wilde, "But, this additional funding does help us improve our enrichment programs and education. It's that additional funding that helps us be bigger and better and improve visitor experience."

The zoo works to help the City of Amarillo through providing a tourism value and working to educate children and adults. But, they cannot continue providing for the community without it's support. So the zoo created programs like adopting a Wild Child to give members of the community a personal interest and a personal investment in the zoo and it's future. 

If you are interested in adopting a Wild Child call the Amarillo Zoo at (806)-381-7911 or visit their website


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