Hooters helps Amarillo cancer patients

Hooters helps Amarillo cancer patients

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Amarillo Hooters Care Team is teaming up with Texas Tech's Pediatrics Oncology Department to help raise awareness about childhood cancer.

For the entire month of February, Hooters is collecting toys to donate to children who are receiving cancer treatments.

Their hope is to make this process more comfortable for our local children.

For older children, they are collecting gift cards for food, shopping, and gaming.

On Feb. 28, the 'Hooters girls' and their general manager will deliver the gifts to Texas Tech Pediatrics.

Here's a list of donation locations:

  • Hooters (8101 I-40 W).
  • Ryan O’ Neal Autos (4237 S. Georgia St).
  • Target (8201 I-40 W).
  • Gebos (4550 Canyon Dr).

The Hooters Care Team said they feel compelled to give these inspiring, brave kids and their families, these gifts of hope and encouragement.

They want to make sure they know that they are not alone in their fight.

For more information, contact Myia Staff at 806-353-9199.

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