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Illegal skimming devices recovered in Potter County

24-year-old Valentin Motoi 24-year-old Valentin Motoi
45-year-old Daniel Dinca 45-year-old Daniel Dinca

Potter County deputies stopped a 2017 Cadillac XTS on I-40 W on Monday for a traffic violation. 

Deputies spoke with the driver, 24-year-old Valentin Motoi, and passenger 45-year-old Daniel Dinca, both citizens of Romania. Deputies believed the subjects were currently involved in criminal activity and the deputy asked for consent to search the vehicle. 

Consent was granted and card skimming devices were found in the trunk of the vehicle along with identification cards for another subject. The devices are believed to be used, to place on unattended financial machines such as ATM machines or Gas Pumps over the card reader in an attempt to steal card information.

There were also other devices, which are placed on or around key pads, believed to be used to obtain credit card information. Both subjects were arrested and booked into the Potter County Detention Center on felony charges for Possession of Identifying Information.

The United States Secret Service is investigating the incident and one or both subjects are believed to be in the United States illegally. Immigration has also placed a detainer on the subjects at the Detention Center.    

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