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Warm weather could threaten some trees, experts warn

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Experts worry the warm weather headed our way could cause serious harm to plants and trees in the area. 

According to NewsChannel 10 Meteorologist Allan Gwyn, record temperatures for Feb. 10 are currently set at 82 degrees, but expects Amarillo to set a new record this year at 84 degrees. 

With Friday's temperatures on pace to set a record high, many people and plants may try to get a head start on spring.

However, experts believe temperatures in the 80's can be harmful to plants this early in the season. 

There is a two step process for plants to come out of dormancy.

First, temperatures needs to remain above 32 degrees. Depending on the type of tree the amount of time warm weather needs to be sustained ranges between 800 and 1200 hours.

After this starts the budding phase, this is when plants become vulnerable to freezing temperatures.

"Our average, the last freeze date is between April 15 and April 20, so we have a big window of time where that tree is in jeopardy," said Liz Moore, a horticulturist with Agrilife Extension Service. "A lot of times we see trees bud in March and then they get nipped."

Due to the likely event of another freeze, horticulture experts encourage people wanting to get ahead on their gardens to only do prep work.

This includes composting, mulching, laying sod and pulling weeds.

Experts said warm weather also increases the chances of having higher insect populations in the summer.

"The warm temperatures will help with the mosquitoes but we also have to have that standing water where the eggs can hatch," Moore said. "If we stay warm you'll start seeing flies before you start seeing mosquitoes."

The next freezing temperatures are expected to hit Monday, Feb. 13. 

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