Developers are building their confidence in Amarillo. You should be excited, too

Developers are building their confidence in Amarillo. You should be excited, too

We've been looking at Amarillo's business climate and what it says about the way consumers are feeling.

We could have paid somebody to do a poll, instead we talked to our business partners, connections and looked around at the development happening all around town.

There's new construction and redevelopment of commercial properties all over town. Commercial office space, retail strips, and residential housing are all being built now.

Financing is a driver because the interest rate is low now, but more importantly is that developer confidence is high.

Where you may ask? Commercial on South Coulter and all along Soncy... and Civic Circle, Ross, Olsen, downtown and residential in City View, Colonies and Tradewind, just to mention a few.

Why you may ask? There are businesses ready to move to Amarillo or expand in Amarillo, and the housing market only has three months worth of homes to sell. Our goal is 6-7 months in inventory, which is the norm in other cities.

Experts say retail occupancy is at 94 percent with prospects for both new, local small businesses and national retailers ready to move in to Amarillo.

In fact, Amarillo City Council just approved the rezoning of a piece of land on Soncy to build a shopping center with a big-box anchor tenant. And out at Town Square Village, businesses are already popping up quickly and more are planned.

Sometimes it's easy to miss growth and excitement because we assume life and our city will always be the same. My Perspective is that big things are happening and there is real excitement about Amarillo right now.

The confidence to develop and build is high. What is your Perspective, and will you believe like others do?

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