Amarillo council to vote on 5 year improvement plan

Amarillo council to vote on 5 year improvement plan
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Expect to see more construction in Amarillo starting this summer as the city prepares for the projects voters chose to fund in November.

A new fire station, better roads and more buildings for Animal Management & Welfare are all projects those bonds will fund in year one of the proposed $418 million Community Investment Program (CIP).

This CIP would take funding from the bond proceeds and about a dozen other sources to upgrade and maintain city infrastructure through 2021.

Bond proceeds from the past city election will put $109,575,000 toward street and public safety improvements.

That money will only be used for those two categories.

There are two roads you can expect to see rebuilt from this bond money starting this summer:

  • 34th from Grand to Eastern
  • Georgia from 45th to 58th

The design is ready to go on these projects.

"For public safety we'll proceed with the design of Fire Station 3, and then the Animal Management & Welfare building, so the designs are the first things you'll see for those."

If the program proposal is passed by the city council, bonds can be issued 90 days later.

"In that 90 day window we'll be negotiating with professional service consultants, engineers, architects, and have those contracts ready to go when those bonds are issued," said Hartman. "Then those contracts will come to council, and that work of design for next year's construction projects will start."

The other $300 million to improve and maintain things like solid waste disposal, drainage, and information technology will all be funded through the city's general fund, an increase in utility bills and other debt issuance.

The Amarillo City Council will hold a public forum and first reading of the program at their meeting on Tuesday at 5.

If it passes this week, and at the final reading next week, planning can begin immediately.

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