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Upgrades in the works for Canyon's water system

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Two major infrastructure upgrades to Canyon's water system are underway.

As rural development continues in Canyon, the need for fresh water coming in and waste water leaving, grows too.

The city of Canyon recently purchased land with fresh groundwater underneath.

They plan to dig four wells, securing the groundwater for future use.

By law, wells of this size require a minimum distance between one another, so by digging the wells on the edges of the city's property, they are able to secure groundwater for future use.

"We were fortunate enough to turn right around and sell the surface rights for exactly what we paid for all of it and maintain the water rights," said Canyon's city manager Randy Criswell. "This is a really good deal for the tax payer because we maintained the water rights for almost no cost."

Saving money on the first project will benefit the city for its second and more expensive, undertaking.

As development in Canyon continues to grow, the current waste water system, which was installed in the 70's, needs to be replaced.

The installation of a new lift station and laying thousands of feet of pipe is expected to cost between 3 and 4 million dollars and serve 2,000 homes.

"This waste water project is bigger than anything we've done in Canyon," said Criswell.

City officials expect the plans for the well project to be approved at the next commissioner's meeting.

The finances for the waste water project are still up for deliberation.

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