WOWW helps area schools make learning more interactive

WOWW helps area schools make learning more interactive

Window on a Wider World (WOWW) is an Amarillo organization that works to bring more art and cultural programs to children in 26 Texas Panhandle counties.

More than half of the schools in those counties do not have artistic courses and the organization has a mission to help change that.

"Window on a Wider World is an educational nonprofit that enriches elementary students education," said WOWW Development Director, Bonnie Kellogg. "When I describe WOWW, I say it's for kindergarten through 5th grade students in Region 16."

WOWW is working with 29 area organizations that specialize in art, dance and cultural studies.

At the beginning of each academic year they work with schools to decide how they can make learning more visual or interactive.

"You can use visual arts across the curriculum for social studies, math, science, and language arts," said WOWW Executive Director, Ali Tiegs. "It's a way that kids who learn differently can connect their real world experiences and connect the curriculum to what they are learning."

Right now, WOWW is partnered with 44 schools within 34 different school districts throughout the Panhandle.

The services WOWW provides are free and they will help any area school find ways to supply art materials and road trips to make coursework more enjoyable for elementary children.

"So, there's over 160 programs from which they can choose from," Tiegs said. "42 percent of those travel to the school campus which eliminates the busing issue and the transportation and then of course you have children that can go on field trips. So, they have the best of both worlds."

To celebrate what the current schools are learning, WOWW is holding a youth art show Feb. 3

68 children from 15 different school districts are showcasing art that highlights diversity and positive thinking

This show is free and will be held at the Sunset Center from 6 p.m. until 7:30 pm

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