Air U among businesses preparing to open in Town Square Village

Air U among businesses preparing to open in Town Square Village

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo is about to gain more jobs, as development continues at Town Square Village just off of Soncy.

Air U is a trampoline park preparing to open in Southwest Amarillo in just a couple of weeks. But it's not the only business making moves, and making them quickly.

Soon families and job seekers will be jumping for joy...literally and figuratively.

Air U trampoline park will be opening its doors soon, and many are excited with other businesses that will follow.

"There will be a restaurant and bar in the front of the building," says Co-Owner Jeb Harris. "It's accessible from the front, but also as you come in the trampoline park you can also make your way around, so you can come in and drop your kids off, let them jump, but you'll still be able to view them as you want to have a drink or eat some dinner or something like that."

With 120 trampolines, pits, and an American ninja warrior-like structure, Harris says this will bring something different to Amarillo, that often people have to drive rather far to get. But he tells us it's about more.

"And now that we're out here, just the buzz and people being able to see us visibly from Soncy has been huge and so I really expect...we really expect once we're up and going with the traffic coming out here that it will bring more businesses out to this area because they have a lot of space not just around our building but in town square itself," says Harris.

Skylar Gallop with The Williams Group tells us the growth in town square is spreading rapidly. A Restaurant, a lounge, a barber and fitness center all have spaces in the area.

Dirt is moving on the highly talked about Cinergy entertainment venue, and that is expected to open by fall of this year. And Air U will be completely up and running by March.

"We're going to require we estimate around 75-80 part time employees and so we're looking for all types. We're looking for just general jump area basically lifeguards to watch the kids, we're looking for office people, we're looking for front desk people, just pretty much everything you could need or we could need I guess is what we're looking for."

Air U is holding open interviews tomorrow morning February 4th at 11. You can meet with staff at 5461 McKenna just off South Soncy.

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