Canyon police create new "Surveillance Video Sharing" program

Canyon police create new "Surveillance Video Sharing" program

CANYON, TX (KFDA) - The Canyon Police Department has started a new crime fighting program called "Surveillance Video Sharing."

The agency hopes to build a partnership with businesses and residential owners, in Canyon, who utilize surveillance equipment.

Canyon Police encourage those who have surveillance equipment to register their address with police, who plan to use those camera to help solve local crimes.

The registration form can be located on the city of Canyon's website, Canyon Police Department's Facebook page, or picked up at the Canyon Police Department which is located at 301 16 St., Canyon, Texas

Canyon police will maintain a data file of the name, address and location of surveillance video equipment in Canyon and will keep surveillance information confidential.

If crime occurs within close proximity to a registered residence or business, video footage may be gathered from the security camera to assist in the identification, apprehension, and prosecution for the criminals involved.

Video footage can provide descriptions of the suspect's description, automobile description, or other valuable investigative information that leads to a positive identification and apprehension.

Criminals coming to the community won't have any idea if their acts of victimization will captured on video.

Participation is voluntary but police feel it is a great opportunity for business and homeowners to help capture individuals responsible for crimes in the community.

Images from inside and outside of businesses will be beneficial and only outdoor surveillance video will be needed from residences.

Those who have questions about the program are encouraged to call Chief Dale Davis at 806-655-5005.

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