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ARAD announces location for new rehab center

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Amarillo's Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs (ARAD) is one step closer to opening a 30 day inpatient rehab center.

Back in September, ARAD announced they planned to open a new location in Amarillo

"Pick up the paper, turn on the television station, [and you'll see] we have a serious drug and alcohol problem in Amarillo and ARAD is looking to help solve that problem," said ARAD board member Vince Nowak. 

The organization has announced the new center will be located at 1001 Wallace Blvd., inside the old Bivins Memorial Center.

The center will be the first in-house rehab facility in Amarillo. 

"There is a stigma attached with drug addiction and alcoholism and I don't know if that is right or wrong but that stigma is there," Nowak expressed. "We try to see past that. When we see a client were not looking at the disease we are looking at the person."

ARAD will house 64 patients who suffer from alcohol or drug abuse.

The building will allow the rehab center to expand and accept more patients when needed. 

Right now, the closest rehab facility is in Lubbock, and ARAD hopes the new facility will keep families close together. 

The center will services patients with and without insurance.

Overall, the number one goal is to make the rehab center affordable.

"We want those rooms filled every single month, helping people achieve sobriety," Nowak said. "If you have never meet somebody suffering from addiction, you are pretty much blessed. If you have ever met somebody in recovery, you really see a blessing and that is what we are striving to accomplish."

ARAD expects the new rehab center to open in June. 

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