Potter County deputies get trained on body cameras

Potter County deputies get trained on body cameras
After two years of waiting, the Potter County Sheriff's Office is closer than ever to being certified to wear body cameras.
According to Potter County, 30 deputies recently finished its first week of training. The class was a two-hour course that taught them to apply the new body cams to their current protocols, procedures, and restrictions.

Lieutenant Scott Giles with the Potter County Sheriffs Office said, the process to get to this point was a long one, because they first had to find funding outside the department.

"We are participating in a state grant that paid for 75% of the cameras and of the data storage so thats a pretty good saving, and thats how we were able to purchase the cameras," he said.

Officials went on to say that while each camera has its own server, all the memory from each body camera will be stored in one main database where only four officers from the sheriff's office will have access.

Sgt. Corey Brown, one of Potter Countys body camera instructors, says each deputy with a body cam will also have an app on their phone. The app is called Axon View and it will easily let officials tag, save and store a record of all their interactions while on duty.

"Basically once they're connected you can view the videos from your phone. You can tag the videos, which basically means they put in the report number and whatever call they were on like a traffic stop, theft, burglary, said Brown.

After one more week of classes and a few testing drills, to work out the debugging, citizens will soon see these cameras in action.

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