BSA and Texas Tech team up for Pap Day

BSA and Texas Tech team up for Pap Day

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - On Saturday, Jan.28, Texas Tech put on an event with BSA called Pap Day. The event allowed women access to free cervical cancer screenings, complimentary breakfast, and a chance to learn from specialists on how important it is to know your body.

Local physicians at Texas Tech said that there was a small percentage of women who was coming in for a pap smear test each year and that was mainly due to costs.

Officials said thanks to a $1.5 million grant from the Texas Prevention Research Institute of Texas, that percentage has increased substantially.

"In order to get that message  across we wanted to do something so people will pay attention to us. That's when we came up with this free pap smear thing. This is for uninsured or under-insured , some people have insurance which will not cover pap smears, so we will accommodate those people once a year. this is the second time we are doing. last year we had over 100 patients and this year we are expecting more, "said Dr.Thahir Farzan with BSA.

Dr. Farzan said that this grant did more than bring more people through the door, it also helped save lives like Julia Kindle.

Kindle, a patient of Dr. Farzan, told us if it wasn't for the test she wouldn't have known she had cervical cancer until it was to late.

"It probably would have spread throughout the whole body because we have a strong history of breast cancer and colon cancer in our family and it could have gone any where," said Kindle.

After being cancer free, Kindle volunteers her time at functions like pap day to help spread her story and awareness to the women in the Panhandle.

"Get tested, there is help out there. Listen to your body, your body will tell you when something is wrong," Kindle said.

The free pap tests doesn't just stop on pap day. The grant ends on August 31, 2017 all you have to do is pre-schedule an appointment with Texas Tech Health Science Center by calling 414-9422 or 414-9556.

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