Hereford economy to see more growth if all goes as planned

Hereford economy to see more growth if all goes as planned

HEREFORD, TX (KFDA) - The city of Hereford will be seeing an even healthier economy, if all goes as planned.

Like many area economies, Hereford's has stayed pretty constant, but with more businesses making their way into the area, they anticipate much more growth this year.

Today, Love's and Carl's Jr. opened their doors to anyone in Hereford, and you might see a lot more businesses like these in the near future. This facility brought around 60 jobs to Hereford. And soon, there will be more.

"We've got a company out of Amarillo, Rayburn rentals is opening a new facility in Hereford on the North side of town," says EDC Director Michael Kitten. "We have another fast food chain, burger king is looking at opening just west of the new loves location."

Other businesses are in discussion and Kitten says he hopes this Love's-Carl's Jr. facility will open up a new investment area, after people see how successful other businesses can be.

"If more development happens down highway 60 or even 285 a little bit you know Loves is always going to be here and I think that we are going to be that kind of trend setter to kind of start that growth opportunity just because we'll be able to have a lot of services that we offer between the fuel and the food so it will be more convenient for these people to be able to get in, get out and start that infrastructure building," says Love's General Manager Joseph Mehyou.

But the growth is not just coming from the restaurant industry. Kitten says Merrick Pet Care continues to have a huge positive impact on the economy.

"We've kind of got a balance of some retail and some industry going right now and I see positive things in the future. The economy in Hereford I believe is always on the way up. We just kind of keep a steady pace. Onward and upward."

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