Amarillo Matters gearing up for city improvements

Amarillo Matters gearing up for city improvements

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo Matters is a political action committee that's attracted over 140 donors, and they said they're now ready to start fighting for a better Amarillo.

The group formed over a year ago, but it's taken this long for action to happen since this is the first political action committee for Amarillo in recent memory.

Now that the state legislative session is underway, and Amarillo's city election is coming up in May, Amarillo Matters is starting to work with their donors to take action.

They met with more than 140 donors as a group for the first time Tuesday night.

"The citizens of Amarillo have to stand up and say we are demanding our part of the resources out of the state budget," said donor Jason Herrick.

Herrick and other donors say this group, and forward thinking leaders, are what will help Amarillo fight for resources to improve things like roads and infrastructure.

"It's too easy for us to get ignored," he said. "We're way up here in the panhandle. We have a more rural population, and we're competing for resources across the state. We need a group that really stands up and fights for those things for Amarillo.

Cities close to us, like Lubbock and Midland, have several of these political action groups working to get the same state funding.

"I see what some of these other cities are doing and their advancement and I keep thinking, why not us?" said donor Cori Burns. "I'm really excited to be part of a group that is focused on moving Amarillo forward."

Specific improvement goals have not been determined.

"We're positioning ourselves to further explore issues that are important" said Burns. "We're trying to gain more advocacy, gain more constituency in terms of people that want to see us succeed as a community."

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