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Mississippi fast food worker accused of smearing menstrual blood on food

Source: WTVA Source: WTVA
Sky Samuel, Source: Columbus PD Sky Samuel, Source: Columbus PD

A Mississippi woman has turned herself in to police after being accused of intentionally contaminating food with bodily fluids and then serving it to a customer at a fast food restaurant where she worked. 

On Monday, January 23, the worker, identified as 18-year-old Sky Juliett Samuel, turned herself in to police to face felony charges of intentionally serving contaminated food. She is jailed in the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center.

Police could charge Samuel under a law making it illegal to "knowingly sell unwholesome bread or drink." The crime brings 1 to 5 years in prison.

According to WTVA in Tupelo, the alleged incident happened on January 7 at a Jack's restaurant in Columbus, Miss. A Facebook post by a Columbus resident said an employee at the restaurant prepared and served food to a customer after smearing her own menstrual blood on it. 

In another Facebook post, a woman claimed her daughter was fired from the restaurant after reporting what the other worker had done to the food.

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported the allegations that the worker licked a piece of cheese and put bodily fluid on a hamburger served at the restaurant. An MSDH inspector was sent to Jack's after reports of the incident appeared on social media.

An MSDH spokesperson says they followed procedures of reporting the allegation of intentional contamination regardless of whether it is verified or not.

The restaurant chain issued this statement about the situation:

"Food safety is our top priority at Jack’s Family Restaurants. The company takes any claims of improper food handling very seriously. Recently, an audio tape recording was posted on social media claiming that an employee at a restaurant in Columbus potentially violated our stringent food handling standards. The employee allegedly involved in this incident was terminated several days ago for unrelated reasons and no longer works for the company. Upon learning of this alleged incident, Jack’s launched an internal investigation to determine if these claims are factual and if any procedures were violated.  As part of this investigation, the company has reviewed several hours of restaurant surveillance footage and interviewed all employees working during the shift in question. Jack’s has also been in contact with local authorities and the Lowndes County Health Department, which conducted a restaurant inspection on Wednesday January 11th.  The restaurant received an “A” rating. At this point, Jack’s internal investigation is ongoing and the company will do everything it can to assist authorities with their own investigation."  

According to WTVA, Jack's reopened after the investigator said it passed the inspection.

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