The differences between the roles of city council and city manager

The differences between the roles of city council and city manager

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Through the last year, many people have emailed or talked to me about City council and City Manager job duties.

There are many misconceptions about both.

As we stated last week, the voters pick the City Council.

The City Council sets policies, laws, regulations, and budgets and then let the City Manager run the city's daily affairs.

We have a new City Manager, Jared Miller, coming into town before the end of next month to take the reins of Amarillo.

He has someone else's budget, new council members to work with at at least one position and maybe more after the May election.

A manager handles a wide range of day-to-day affairs from hiring and firing department heads to fielding complaints.

He also will oversee about 2,000 employees through those department heads.

In his ranks, there are numerous openings and some that have been open for more than a year.

In the summer months, he will begin the long process of composing a budget of more than $300 million for 2018.

In my Perspective, this is not an easy job with many potential obstacles.

I hold out hope that our new council and manager will be able to assist in moving projects along in 2017 and not be paralyzed like we were most of last year.

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