Canyon 2016 crime report shows decrease in crime

Canyon 2016 crime report shows decrease in crime

CANYON, TX (KFDA) - Canyon's crime report for 2016 shows a decline overall when compared to 2015, but certain crimes saw an increase.

There was some good news, but some concerning findings as well in the city of Canyon's latest crime report. And while officers are well aware of the crimes, they hope the public will take notice and take action.

Three percent does not seem like a lot, but when it comes to decreasing crime, they'll take it. Canyon Police Chief Dale Davis tells us though this was not the decrease he was hoping for, he is pleased to see one at all.

"Primarily we saw a decrease in the area of theft," says Davis. "We were really anticipating a higher percentage to go down except for towards the last 2 weeks of December, we had a rash of motor vehicle burglaries."

But of course with the pros, come the cons. In 2106, the city saw an increase in aggravated assaults, burglaries, and auto thefts.

"That is somewhat alarming to me also," says Davis. "Although I do know that in the area of auto thefts, our partners to the north has a significant auto theft problem so it was just a matter of time."

Some have speculated the rise in aggravated assaults has to do with the fairly new transition into a wet city. But that's not the case, as alcohol-related violations have decreased since the rule began.

Another statistic Davis is proud of...there were zero fatalities on city of Canyon roadways in 2016 thanks to increased enforcement.

But most importantly, the Department is working to continue educating the public on prevention.

"We'll continue through our social media avenues to keep putting this information out. We're also looking at trying to get our citizens police academy and our student police academies to go out and talk to people to try and get that information out there."

You can view the City of Canyon's full crime report for 2016 below.

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