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Public divided on plans for Guymon Casino

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is reviewing the environmental impact assessment of a proposed Casino, two miles south of Guymon, Oklahoma.

Before any ground is broken on the Grand Mesa Casino, the plans still need to be approved by three levels of government, the BIA, Department of the Interior and Oklahoma Governor, Mary Fallin.

People in Guymon are divided when it comes to the economic and social impact a casino would have.

Those against argue once the land is designated a reserve, the state and local governments lose control of what is developed. 

"I'm concerned with the lack and loss of jurisdiction because if that land goes out of Texas County and out of Oklahoma it is no longer under county or state jurisdiction," said community spokesperson Lucinda Ray. "If you have a business here, all the sudden 'I've introduced a new business that is tax exempt.'"

The Panhandle Economic Development Coalition Inc. (PREDCI) believes the $25 million investment into this rural community will help spur job growth.

"There is going to be 175 full time and part time jobs, those people are going to be living here in Guymon or within 30-60 minutes," said Micheal Shannon, the Executive Director of PREDCI. "That is economic development for our county because those people will be buying homes and paying rent and doing everything to add to economy of Texas County."

 If the plans are approved, the Grand Mesa Casino will have a 60,000 square foot gaming floor with 600 slot machines and eight table games.

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