More flights to Dallas, other cities coming soon to Rick Husband

More flights to Dallas, other cities coming soon to Rick Husband

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - This summer travelers flying in and out of Amarillo will have more options when it comes to booking their flights.

Southwest Airlines made the decision to add two more flights to Dallas each week starting this June and running through August.

One on Saturday, and one on Sunday.

Tyler Hurst, Interim Director of Aviation at Rick Husband International Airport, said this is being put in place because Southwest expects the demand in those flights to be high during the summer months.

"We continue to increase capacity out of Amarillo, which ultimately will drive down fares for passengers so that we increase travel," said Hurst.

If Amarilloans can continue to fill those extra flights they could be offered for a longer period of time, or permanently, at Southwest's discretion.

And those travelers heading to the west coast could soon start flying directly to Phoenix.

Airport officials are collecting data now to start negotiations with American Airlines for this direct connection to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Phoenix was chosen over other western locations because of the demand from Amarillo and its status as a major flight hub.

"It is a very big American Airlines hub, [and] their regional partner SkyWest, and so we think that would be beneficial," said Hurst. "We already have American [Airlines] service and so to initialize western service through a current airline partner would be beneficial."

Hurst said depending on how many flights are added through this potential partnership, ticket prices could go down for all Amarillo fliers.

And this would limit the number of flights that have to backtrack to Dallas for a connection to head north or west.

"I think the business connection that is going to be garnered by this partnership is going to be the ultimate benefit," said Hurst.

It is unclear how long negotiations with American Airlines will take, but Hurst said if a contract is signed they'll move quickly to get those flights started.

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