Amarillo's Women's March

Amarillo's Women's March

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Over 600 women and supporters had a chance to express their voices and stances on pro-equality and civic action through the Amarillo Women's March.

Like other marchers around the nation, folks in Amarillo gathered together to put their feet to the ground in the name of positive change and equal rights for women.

Katherine Coffee, a fellow marcher, came with her daughter. She wanted to express their stances on women's issues while also representing other parties affected by the decisions of the upcoming administration.

"I always felt really alone and isolated and I didn't know that many people shared my common beliefs," Coffee said. "I was telling my daughter earlier that looking at all the people that showed up made me want to cry."

One person who shared Coffee's beliefs was Jen Brooks. Brooks, the lead organizer of the event, says she never organized anything before.

In only four days she was able to bring hundreds of supporters within Amarillo together and locally represent a national movement.

"That's why it's so big, because it's inclusive, it's non-partisan, it's for equality, and it's against nothing," Brooks said. "It's not anti-Trump, it's not pro-trust or pro-abortion, but it is everything, it is equality."

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