Strange, but legit tax deductions

Strange, but legit tax deductions

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Here we go again.

Tax season is one of the most loved and hated times of the year, with thousands doing all they can to boost their refund. To do that, most people turn to their deductions.

We're all familiar with the moving expenses, charity donations, and student loans that qualify ... but you might be surprised by some of the other things the IRS will allow as a tax break.

"Everyone's experience is unique because every person is unique," said tax adviser, Wanye King.

King has been a tax adviser for 21 years at H&R Block and he's dealt with some pretty strange deductions.

"There was a professional body builder at one time that claimed oil as a deductible as a job related expense."

And it doesn't stop here.

"An exotic dancer received a tax credit for breast implants as a job requirement," said King. "Not something people normally think of."

The most unusual case King recalls was the IRS allowed cat food as a business expense for a car lot because it was used to attract wild cats to deter snakes from the yard.

Pretty bizarre, but legit. The reason why? They all relate to someone's job.

"That is the key to the whole situation. It has to be directly related to the job," said King. "People are pretty reasonable with those types of expenses, they are pretty much common sense, job related is job related."

If you have questions on what may or may not be a reasonable tax break, call a tax adviser.

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