Xcel crews work to restore area power outages

Xcel crews work to restore area power outages

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - UPDATE: Monday, Jan. 16

More than 12,000 people are affected right now by ice-related outages in the panhandle. Xcel energy has been able to restore power to more than 17,000 customers so far.

Crews have continued to work throughout the night and have a long road ahead.

Multiple cities are without power and we're being told it may be into Tuesday before some have electricity.

Large parts of Pampa, Borger and Perryton are currently affected, with Darrouzett, Follett, Higgins and Lipscomb showing complete loss of power.

Xcel has requested hundreds of additional employees from Colorado and New Mexico to assist across the northeast panhandle, which was hit the heaviest with ice.

To report an outage to Xcel, call 1-800-895-1999.

Xcel Outage Map

UPDATE: Since early Saturday morning, more than 25,000 customers in the Texas Panhandle have experienced outages related to heavy ice on power lines and trees. Xcel Energy has restored power to almost 13,000 customers -- currently there are close to 12,000 customers without power, mostly in the northeastern Texas Panhandle.

"We still are not able to estimate time of restoration in Darrouzett, Follett, Higgins and Lipscomb," said Xcel Energy Spokesperson, Wes Reeves. "Residents in Booker also are without power and many customers in this area will likely be without power overnight and well into Monday. "

361 employees are working on restorations, including employees from New Mexico and Colorado.

UPDATE: What started off as hundreds is now thousands of people across the Panhandle without power on Sunday.

According to Xcel Energy, since early Saturday morning as many as 10,500 customers in the Panhandle had been impacted by ice-related power outages. Sunday afternoon Xcel said crews had restored about 4,500 of those customers, with about 6,000 still waiting to be reconnected.

The company says most outages were concentrated in their Pampa, Borger and Perryton districts where icing was heavier.

The communities of Darrouzett, Follett, Higgins and Lipscomb are all without power due to a main feeder line that is down. This affects about 1,086 customers. It is possible these towns may not be restored for up to 24 hours. I will provide more information as it becomes available.

Xcel has requested almost 50 additional employees from Colorado to assist in restoring power to the region.


UPDATE: As of 10:00 p.m. Saturday, there are more than 420 outages in the Panhandle with Follett joining the list of areas experiencing power issues.

Xcel crews are working around the clock to get the problem fixed.


There are more than 200 customers reporting power outages with Xcel Energy Saturday.

According to the Outage Map on Xcel's Website, Perryton, Canadian, Borger, and Pampa are the hardest hit areas. There have also been dozens of power issues in Dumas, Hereford, Panhandle, and Amarillo.

Xcel crews are working on restoring power in these areas. These outages come as freezing rain make its way in the Texas Panhandle and into Oklahoma.

To report an outage to Xcel, call 1-800-895-1999.

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