Downtown rooftop dining experience to open by fall

Downtown rooftop dining experience to open by fall

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarilloans will soon have a great view of downtown as they grab dinner or a drink.

Amarillo's first rooftop dining experience will soon be opening, but developers want you to know it so much more than just eating in a new building. It's joining the pioneers of downtown.

Ground was broken today and construction will literally begin tomorrow if all goes as planned. Soon, Crush Wine Bar and Six Car Pub and Brewery will have a new home, both complete with rooftop, indoor and sidewalk dining.

"Downtown's important for the city. It's important to have an attractive place for people to congregate, for people to visit and for entertainment, for things for people to do," says Co-Owner of Dubs Development William Ware. "So we're joining not only our family's history with buildings down the street, but our city's effort to make Amarillo a lot more competitive with cities our size."

So what can you expect?

Crush owner Brian Singleton says the bar has dealt with some of the trials of having an old building, so they are excited to make the short move across the street. And the food and drinks many have come to enjoy will not be changing.

"We've been around long enough so we've kind of seen the ups and downs and hopefully the up is on it's way, so that's kind of..we're just excited," says Singleton.

Six Car will be the first Pub and Brewery downtown. Co-owner Colin Cummings tells us they will have the brewery upfront, and passersby will be able to see the tanks and barrels, and aging beer.

"We want to have street parties, I mean we want to have fun," says Cummings. "And we want to have fun here in Amarillo, We don't want to feel like we need to travel somewhere else to have fun."

Many agree this is a huge step for the development downtown, as it can set an example of how successful something new can be.

"It's an honor to be able to be a part of a time when downtown is coming back," says Ware. "And this building is made to help get that feeling back to downtown Amarillo. So we feel like we owe it to the city, we owe it to our family, to help bring that energy back into downtown."

The new building is scheduled to open this fall, once again if all goes as planned.

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