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Flooding damages Potter County Courthouse

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Offices in the Potter County Courthouse were closed Jan. 9 due to flooding throughout the building. 

According to county officials, the Courthouse began experiencing flooding after a heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit on the sixth floor burst while thawing after it froze during the weekend.

In the morning, officials noticed the flooding situation damaged offices on the fifth floor down to the third floor.

The ceiling will need repair on those three floors.

Historic light fixtures along with replicas of historical furniture has also been damaged. 

The courthouse computer system has also seen malfunctions due to the flood.

It has not been reported if any documents have been damaged at this time. 

"Right now, there's going to be no court, there's not going to be court in any of the court of laws," said Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner. "Part of the county attorneys office was destroyed as well. So, we are to evaluating what we are going to do in the future."

So far, there are no plans to relocate employees but county meetings have been rescheduled.

Cleanup crews will continue cleaning floors and funneling the stairwell until the night of Jan. 9.

If all goes well, offices can begin opening as early as Jan 10.

The estimate cost of damage has not been determined, but Potter County Facility Maintenance Department Director, Mike Head said the county will have to pay the deductible for the damage done but it is expected insurance will fund repairs.

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