Balderas home remains under surveillance by multiple agencies

Balderas home remains under surveillance by multiple agencies

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The home on Carolyn street where four children were accidentally poisoned is under surveillance by multiple agencies.

It's been one week since the Balderas family suffered a tragic loss, and they still have a long way to go. But the Amarillo community continues to come together to offer the family as much help as they can.

Caution tape remains and law enforcement officials are still on watch making sure no one enters the Carolyn street home.

It's been one week since Aluminum Phosphide was mixed with water, producing Phosphine gas, which is what took the lives of Felipe, Johnnie, Josue and Yasmeen Balderas.

The EPA and TCEQ also remain, monitoring the scene.

"This is the type of chemical that quickly dissipates in the atmosphere," says Amarillo Public Health Authority Dr. Scott Milton. "I think what might be unusual about this is that there are deposits of this placed apparently underneath the house and so getting that completely eradicated I think is the trick."

And despite rumors, Milton tells us there are no plans at this time to demolish the home, simply monitor the levels of toxicity.

"The monitoring as I understand is around the perimeters of the house and they can somewhat give an estimate of what length of time that they would be able to safely work under those conditions and those levels I think have gone down significantly but not to the point where it would be safe," says Milton.

The remainder of the Balderas children and their father are now out of the hospital, in a safe home. Mrs. Balderas, however remains in a Lubbock hospital, but she is now breathing on her own and speaking.

And the Amarillo community continues to prove just how giving they are. Multiple people even stepped forward to donate burial plots for the children.

"Whether it just be a prayer or donations, clothing, anyway possible," says neighbor America Adame. "The Amarillo community has really came together and that means so much because if I was in the situation, I would hope that they do the same for me and that just shows Amarillo's true colors."

Milton says there is no rush in the investigation, as they want to make sure it is done as precisely as possible.

Funeral arrangements for the children are pending.

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