APD seeing rise in vandalisms past few weeks

APD seeing rise in vandalisms past few weeks

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A large spike in vandalisms around Amarillo has many on the lookout for whoever is responsible.

It seems the majority of these vandalisms are being committed by someone shooting a BB or pellet gun at vehicles, residences and businesses.

And especially with how expensive these damages are becoming, Amarillo Police are hoping you can help find who is responsible. Damages have totaled more than $10,000.

Imagine waking up and seeing your car window shattered. Well, it's the unfortunate reality of 50 Amarilloans, as Amarillo Police have seen a drastic increase in reports of vandalism over the past few weeks.

"Detectives know just that most of these have been due to BB guns or pellet guns being shot through windows on cars, windows on residences and even some windows on businesses," says APD Officer Jeb Hilton.

Hilton tells us the reports originally started in the Julian and Sunset Terrace area, but have since started spreading to areas all around town. Even businesses on sixth street have reported similar vandalism.

But no person of interest has been identified.

"We do tend to see a few more of these when kids are out of school, whether it be Christmas break or even sometimes during the summer. It'd be hard to say that yes it's definitely kids that are doing this, but we do see a rise of it when they are out of school on some kind of a break," says Hilton.

If these are cases involving kids, APD says it's a good idea to monitor where your kids are going and what they are doing, especially considering some of the consequences.

"Anything from a one time event could be anything from a class c misdemeanor all the way up to a class  misdemeanor for criminal mischief. If this is something where you've done several in one night and it becomes a felony charge, you could be looking at prison time over it."

Though this is a difficult crime to protect yourself from, if pulling your car into your garage is an option, do it.

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