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Our 2017 resolution: Make a positive impact, encourage others to do the same

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Happy New Year to you!

As 2017 begins many are making resolutions to do things differently. We are faced with personal goals, work goals and general relationship goals. If you don't like the word "goals," then I will substitute it with "changes." 

Whether we like change or not, change is inevitable. Things change around us and we must keep up and put our efforts toward guiding change in our favor.

In the last year, we have discussed change in our community -- from city politics, safety, traffic and even race relations among other community issues.

Many times we talk about others needing to change, but today let's talk about our own efforts.

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My Perspective is that if we focus, we can make a great impact on things around us and we can encourage others to make an impact in their focused areas. This, in turn, will make for a better community by the end of 2017.

Which goals or changes will you focus on this year? We want your Perspective.

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