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WTAMU president prepares for Panhandle tour

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Walter Wendler / Source: KFDA Walter Wendler / Source: KFDA

West Texas A&M University's new president is preparing for a five month Panhandle tour.

To help him kickoff that campaign, WT's Agriculture Development Association (ADA) presented President Walter Wendler with his first pair of cowboy boots. 

The association said this presentation has been a WT tradition for years and they hope the boots serve as a welcoming to West Texas.

The purpose behind the "Your Community, Your University" tour, is to interact with high school students and the community.

WT officials said this is a great opportunity to hear about what 2017 will bring for the university. 

"I am hoping the local kids from the schools he visits will see the importance of WT in the region and the growth that WT is experiencing," President of the ADA Cody Chandler said. "I think it's great the president is the one to actually go out and do this. In the past, a lot of members and myself have gone out recruiting, so I think it speaks volumes whenever the head guy in charge is doing that."

During the five month tour, Wendler will be traveling to 26 Panhandle counties.

Right now, 50 schools are scheduled for the tour.

Wendler said the tour is not just for students. He encourages the community and WT alumni to come out and engage in the tour.

"We want to talk about how important the extended Panhandle community is to West Texas A&M and how hearing from them will help us shape how the future of West Texas A&M looks like," Wendler said. 

Another focus for Wendler is to reach out to rural communities.

He wants them to know WT is committed to them 

"Many of our students who come from rural settings come with tremendous values about hard work and being committed," Walter expressed. "We want to reinforce that and continue to shape WTAMU to be based on those same values that come out of the small communities in West Texas because we think those values are rock solid."

Wendler will begin the "Your Community, Your University" tour Thursday, Dec. 5, in Booker, TX. 

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