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Clovis MainStreet restoring and beautifying downtown

Historic 9005 locomotive (Source: KFDA) Historic 9005 locomotive (Source: KFDA)
Clovis MainStreet (Source: KFDA) Clovis MainStreet (Source: KFDA)
Levine's building (Source: KFDA) Levine's building (Source: KFDA)
Lyceum Theater (Source: KFDA) Lyceum Theater (Source: KFDA)
Newly installed sidewalks (Source: KFDA) Newly installed sidewalks (Source: KFDA)

The city of Clovis is trying to restore history while also beautifying their downtown.  

Clovis MainStreet is a nonprofit organization founded in 2002 meant to help find funding to revitalize the historic downtown.

This year, the organization found funding to begin three major projects and plan to begin more in 2017.

This year alone, the city has seen new sidewalks with handicapped ramps off main street from 5th, down to 4th street. 

Other projects are also in the works for the new year.

Currently, residents may notice some construction at the site of the old Levine clothing building.

There is discussion to bring a new park or store to the empty lot in an effort to benefit the community. 

"The city working closely with Clovis MainStreet," said Clovis City Manager, Larry Fry. "It's a very exciting community that continues to grow in different ways, we are very interest in the opportunity to try to enhance our downtown area."

About $180,000, this year, has been granted to start phase one of renovations to the 98 year old Lyceum theater.

There have been two more grants given that could possibly result in a soft opening of the theater in the summer of 2017.

With this in mind, there are hopes to make the Lyceum available to the public and eventually use it for movies or plays. 

In another effort to renovate some more historic property, Clovis MainStreet has been granted legislative funding to also restore the city's 9005 locomotive and place a community park surrounding it.

"So, we are hoping that will be a huge exciting new contribution to the railroad roots of Clovis and to encourage more people to hopefully invest more into our railroad district," said Clovis MainStreet Executive Director, Lisa Pellegrino-Spear.

In 2017, the organization hopes to begin funding on this railroad park, add more sidewalk ramps and also add downtown metal art.

"When people donate to our organization we can utilize it to any of our projects, so if people want to donate to a specific project like the lyceum, the railroad park or our metal art project this up coming year, they can classify that in their donations," Pellegrino-Spear said.

If you are looking to donate to the Clovis MainStreet initiative or would like to learn more about their efforts visit their website. 

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