Officials warning pet owners of holiday food dangers

Officials warning pet owners of holiday food dangers

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Many foods being served this new year are dangerous for our pets.

Pet owners know the look when our furry friends want a piece of whatever we're eating. But you may want to think twice if you often give in and give your pet a bite.

The holidays are coming to a close, leaving plenty of food around the house. But many of these items can be harmful and even deadly to our family pets.

"Just recently, even just a few bites of turkey or ham can upset a pet's stomach enough to cause vomiting, diarrhea which can lead to dehydration," says Associate Veterinarian at Swann Animal Clinic Shawn Kinser. "At that point, they may have to be hospitalized and in some cases can even be life-threatening."

"Swallowing bones obviously can be a danger to pets if swallowed," says Co-Owner of Yellow City Pet Supply John McKee. "It can get lodged in their stomach or intestines requiring surgery and so that can result in costly vet bills."

Many people think giving pets leftovers is an option if food goes bad in the refrigerator. But Kinser says if you wouldn't eat it yourself, you should not feed it to your pets.

There are some other alternatives, however. Oddly enough, ice chips are one option.

"We recommend getting them something nice, either some treats or some food," says Co-Owner of Yellow City Pet Supply Grant Harbison. "Something they'd be excited to eat. And that way you could still involve them during this time but you're going to be giving them something that's nutritionally balanced for them. Something that's going to give them energy and help for their skin and coat and it's also going to help you avoid being in the vet. "

The benefits of feeding your pet according to its diet are extensive. But if possible, veterinarians recommend one thing overall.

"Best case scenario, they would never be fed human or table food at all during the holidays or any other time for that matter. It can cause conditions like pancreatitis which is inflammation of the pancreas. It can be a condition where we have to hospitalize them to treat it, or it can be life-threatening in some cases."

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