Food delivery services gain momentum in Amarillo and Canyon

Food delivery services gain momentum in Amarillo and Canyon

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Food delivery services via phone apps have seen a surge in Amarillo and Canyon.

It is a common service around the country, but not so much here in our area. And two companies are hoping to make it a lot more common and easy to get food from where you want it, when you want it.

It's basically Uber for food.

You pick a restaurant, choose what you want to eat, order, and someone will deliver it to your home, office or hotel. And it's all done with a few taps on your phone.

"The restaurant delivery service industry is nothing new," says West Texas ToGo Regional Manager Jacob Woods. "I understand it's new to the Amarillo area, but people have been doing it since the 90s so I saw it was time for Amarillo to get one."

"Amarillo and Canyon are perfect for this type of thing," says Creator of Yellow City Delivery James Compton. "The reason being is there's not a lot of people playing with the technology aspect of things. So this is kind of a progressive or modern company, whatever you want to call it that is going to enable all the people to have food delivered to them. So it's a solution to a problem using technology."

Both Yellow City Delivery and West Texas ToGo are out to make things more convenient for customers, while boosting business for local restaurants. West Texas ToGo has been operating in Amarillo since November, and Yellow City Delivery is set to launch next week.

Both Compton and Woods are optimistic the services will be a success.

"Just because, I want to push the envelope. Because it works in bigger cities, it will work here, but somebody needs to do it here," says Compton.

"Yeah, it's been going fantastic," says Woods. "I have no complaints about how it's going so far."

The list is extensive. Whether you have a sweet tooth or crave a burger and you want to stay home, there are more options to do so thanks to technology.

To download Yellow City Delivery's App, click here. To download West Texas ToGo's app, click here.

Amarillo Dine-In Delivery is another service offered and orders can be placed online here.

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