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Local martial arts community helping another

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Amarillo's martial arts community is helping another by raising money to assist children from low-income families or households without parents. 

Amarillo Extreme Marital Arts Academy is raising funds for Lion's Roar, a nonprofit martial arts academy in Detroit that was started by an Amarillo native to keep kids out of trouble. 

"Shawn Fouts had a calling to go to Detroit and help the kiddos in community," said Ty Garrett, who owns Extreme Martial Arts Academy. "So, he opened this academy and helps raise money for the kiddos tuition and their training equipment. We are doing a really cool fundraiser right now where anyone can make a donation, and we are trying to make it interactive for our kiddos here in Amarillo."

To motivate area children to get involved, Amarillo's academy is asking kids to raise and donate $10 in exchange to be able to break a board in any technique that they want. Adults and coaches are also encouraged to donate and break boards with kicks, punches or jump kicks to entertain and inspire others to help with the fundraiser.

"It's great to see the kiddos getting behind it," Garrett said. "Their parents are telling me that they are doing extra chores to earn the money. We ask the kiddos to not just beg their parents for the money but to actually go earn it themselves. That way they feel apart of the community and actually feel the charity."

Right now the fundraiser has collected over $1,000 and hopes to double that by the end of the campaign. 

Donations can be made at Extreme Marital Arts Academy located at 5740 Canyon Dr., or you can visit Lion's Roar's website.

Donations will fund tuition for children in need. The academy also provides Saturday schooling and tutoring along with community and development classes. 

"There are some heart-wrenching stories about the kiddos that we are helping," said Garrett. "Right now, we are helping one kiddo, where both parents are in jail, all four grandparents have passed away, and this kiddo is getting raised by his great grandparents who can't afford tuition. It's great knowing that the money that we are donating is going to an awesome cause."

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