Salvation Army Christmas Dinner

Salvation Army Christmas Dinner

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Salvation Army brought joy to not only people's bellies during the holiday season but also their hearts. On Saturday, Dec., 25, they celebrated their annual Christmas dinner where many came to sit, eat and embrace one another as family.

There are people who have the notion that this dinner is only catered to the homeless but, that's simply not the case.

The food that are in these pots and pans are not only for those who are homeless or less fortunate. It's for anyone who wanted to come down and have a good meal on Christmas.

"The purpose of the dinner is to give anyone in the community who needs a place to go, to come to our community dinner. We feed their community we also feed the shelter," said Coordinator for Social Services Jennifer Santer.

Also, for the volunteers like Cheryl Cohen who moved to Amarillo years ago without any family. 

She said she is never alone during the holidays. For the last decade she has volunteered at the Salvation Army on Christmas day, and grown to know her fellow volunteers and visitors as her family.

"So one of the things that I enjoy doing that gives me purpose is coming here and helping others on Christmas day," Cohen said.

She said since volunteering at the Salvation Army, she felt that people gave her the greatest gift of all, and that's truly knowing what it means to give peace and good will towards your fellow man.

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