Animal shelter full over holidays

Animal shelter full over holidays

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Christmas time is always busy for Amarillo's city animal shelter. It's when they see the biggest influx of animals come in every year.

Animal Management and Welfare wants to remind you that adopting a pet as a gift is best when the soon-to-be pet owner is involved in the process, that way more dogs don't end up surrendered to the shelter after Christmas.

With the recent cold weather, keep your pets safe and indoors so they don't get lost or hurt.

"Bring them in when it gets cold if possible," said Animal Management Director, Richard Havens. "If they are housing their animals outside they need to make sure that the shelter is going to protect their animals from all elements, and they need to be able to stay warm in that shelter."

Animals can easily be injured in your home by chewing on Christmas lights or eating the wrong things, like poinsettias, which are poisonous to pets.

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