Drunk Driving During the Holidays

Drunk Driving During the Holidays

Now the Christmas weekend is filled with much fun and festivities, and with that it might come with a little bit a drinking. That’s why officials ask citizens not to drink before stepping behind the wheel.

With the holiday falling on the weekend more people are inclined to let loose at family gatherings, parties, bars and clubs. Officials say at these events there are some who will have one to many and take a chance behind the wheel. Their recklessness could lead to endangering themselves and the lives of others.  

"The TXDOT provides a state funded grant that allows extra hours to go off duty besides their regular duty hours and concentrate on DWI'S," said Sgt. Wes Hill with Amarillo Police Dept.

You will see more officers on the roads, making sure everyone is safe, in hopes of decreasing drunk driving tragedies. According to TXDOT, during  2015-2016 Christmas holiday season, there were more than 2300 alcohol related traffic crashes and in 2014/2015 holiday season there were over 2400 crashes. 

Even though the numbers have decreased, officers like Sgt. Jimmy Henson with the Potter County Sheriff’s Dept. said that their job is not done until drivers become more responsible.

"The responsible thing to do is call a friend, call a cab, call an Uber and if you have a designated driver buy them dinner," said Sgt. Henson.

Officials will not be giving second chances, if you’re caught driving while intoxicated, you will be spending Christmas in the slammer.