Texas students give special needs classmate Christmas surprise

Texas students give special needs classmate Christmas surprise

SOMERSET, TX (KFDA) - A video of several Somerset High School students gifting two new pairs of shoes to a special needs classmate has gone viral.

According to school's Facebook page, it all started when student JR Gilbert told his friends and fellow classmates that he was wearing shoes that were a size 10, even though his foot is actually a size 13.

So, his fellow Bulldogs raised the money to surprise Gilbert on Dec.15 with not one, but two brand new pairs of sneakers.

In the video, which has been viewed more than 5 million times, Gilbert is seen unwrapping his new 13 sized Nikes in front of a big crowd.

In shock, Gilbert tore the paper away in excitement yelling, "What? You got my favorite kind too!"

One student called out to Gilbert to show everyone what he got and as Gilbert proudly lifted his new shoe above his head, his fellow classmates cheered.                                                           

According to KSAT, Roger Villegas, Salvador Solis, and Martin Ramos, were the ones behind the Christmas surprise.

They organized a fundraiser to sell candy in order to raise the money and pay for the shoes.

"Like it's Christmas, so I mean I think everybody deserves to have one of those Christmases where everybody deserves to be happy," Solis told the station, "and he's also our friend."

Solis said seeing Gilbert's face after his Christmas surprise was well worth it.

"It really touched my heart. I mean I'm pretty sure it touched everybody's heart seeing somebody react like that," Solis said. "It's something special. It's something to remember."

Gilbert's family said he does have shoes that fit him, but he refuses to stop wearing the boots of his beloved grandfather, since his grandfather can no longer wear them.

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