Natural gas relight underway in Borger

Natural gas relight underway in Borger

BORGER, TX (KFDA) - Natural gas is expected to be turned back on to all Borger residents today.

Texas Gas Service says service technicians worked as late as possible overnight to work to turn gas back on to residents.

Gas went out around noon Sunday, but so far no cause for the outage has been determined.

Texas Gas Service says residents do not need to call the company to have the gas turned back on unless they left you a card on your door.

The Johnson Park Youth Center remains open as a shelter in Borger and the American Red Cross is on site.

According to Texas Gas, outages affected areas in Buena Vista and outlining areas on the western side of Borger, Texas.

Officials told residents not to worry because they are providing food, warmth, and shelter to those whose homes are mainly powered by gas.

Since gas instantly shut off in certain areas, leaving many citizens without heat during the winter weather, Borger officials have stepped in to assist the community.

Until this problem is solved, the Johnson Park Youth Center has become a shelter providing hot meals from local businesses, snacks, beverages and, most importantly, heat.

"As you see we got some things that have been offered from local restaurants that are unsolicited. They just volunteered it on their own and that's not uncommon and we had that from the past of other people, and were very proud of people around the area that can step up and do that," said Mayor Robert Vinyard.

Borger Public Information Officer, Brandon Strope, said they planned in advance for situations like this. He said they have provided trucks that will pick up ill, handicapped or people who have no form of transportation. 
The Red Cross and local church volunteers are on scene providing assistance.

"We put plans in place. We have done drills in the past and round table discussions. We are in the Texas Panhandle, this is not unusual," said Strope.

Strope said during times of hardship it's up to the community to band together and help care for one another.

From Texas Gas Service:

Dec. 18, 2016 - 9:30PM CST – Texas Gas Service is putting natural gas back onto their system and will soon begin their initial relight process. For the safety of their service technicians, they will be working as late as they safely can this evening. Please know that if they do NOT reach your residence tonight, they expect to tomorrow. You do not need to call Texas Gas Service to come turn your service back on unless they have a left a card on your door.
The Borger Office of Emergency Management states that the shelters are staying open for residents until natural gas service can be restored. In Borger, the Johnson Park Youth Center (1201 Bulldog, 806-273-0987) has been opened, and is prepared to house people.  The American Red Cross is also on site and available. 
Information that you need to know:

Texas Gas Service technicians must enter residences to perform safety checks on each natural gas appliance. If the appliance is not up to code, they will not be able to light that particular appliance.

An adult must be home for the service technician to enter the residence.

All of their service technicians have company IDs and logoed clothing. They will also be wearing company logoed yellow safety vest.
-   Logos include either Texas Gas Service or Oklahoma Natural Gas

They encourage you to leave porch lights on.
-   If you do not want us to knock, please leave a note on your door stating that.

Also please secure your pets for the safety for the safety of the techs and the pets.
If you have an emergency or smell natural gas in your home, please leave the area immediately then call Texas GAS Service emergency #800-959-5325 or 911.

"We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to restore all of our customers." Texas Gas Service
Christy Penders
Communications Manager

1301 S. MOPAC, Suite 400, Austin, TX 78746-6918
5613 Avenue F, Austin, TX 78751
Customer Service 800-700-2443
Emergency Line: 800-959-5325 (LEAK)
If you smell natural gas, please leave the area and call 911 and 800-959-LEAK (5325)

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