Voters face new questions of change in upcoming election

Voters face new questions of change in upcoming election

Voters in 2015 voted for change in Amarillo's City Council by rejecting two incumbents and a man portrayed as part of the establishment. So, a year and a half later, what change has happened?

Within four months, national blogger Route Fifty said Amarillo might be America's most dysfunctional city following the election and was certainly "in complete municipal turmoil."

Fresh from election, newcomers to the council said they wanted to fire city manager Jarrett Atkinson if he didn't resign and that they wanted to clean house at the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation.

Eventually Atkinson did resign, as did upper-level City Hall employees including the deputy city manager, city attorney, traffic engineer, and so on.

The council and city management have struggled to refill those positions, and now the interim city manager is gone also.

What else has changed? Leadership proposed bonds to address major issues in the city, but were voted down across the board except on street work and public safety initiatives.

Change takes a fresh look at things, new perspectives and resources to make changes.

I want your Perspective. What do you, the voters, need to empower our leadership with the resources needed?

Is it a plan? Is it different city council members? Is it a plan for something different with the same resources?

With another City Council election approaching...What is the next step?

Your Perspective

"Until we have harmony between our elected officials we will be in disarray. The 3 new officials have only brought and discontent. Mr. has no place in political position. Evidenced with his Facebook posts. Help us all if he retains office!" - CD

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