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Voters face new questions of change in upcoming election

City of Amarillo (Source: KFDA) City of Amarillo (Source: KFDA)

Voters in 2015 voted for change in Amarillo's City Council by rejecting two incumbents and a man portrayed as part of the establishment. So, a year and a half later, what change has happened?

Within four months, national blogger Route Fifty said Amarillo might be America's most dysfunctional city following the election and was certainly "in complete municipal turmoil."

Fresh from election, newcomers to the council said they wanted to fire city manager Jarrett Atkinson if he didn't resign and that they wanted to clean house at the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation.

Eventually Atkinson did resign, as did upper-level City Hall employees including the deputy city manager, city attorney, traffic engineer, and so on.

The council and city management have struggled to refill those positions, and now the interim city manager is gone also.

What else has changed? Leadership proposed bonds to address major issues in the city, but were voted down across the board except on street work and public safety initiatives.

Change takes a fresh look at things, new perspectives and resources to make changes. 

I want your Perspective. What do you, the voters, need to empower our leadership with the resources needed?

Is it a plan? Is it different city council members? Is it a plan for something different with the same resources? 

With another City Council election approaching...What is the next step?

Your Perspective

"Until we have harmony between our elected officials we will be in disarray. The 3 new officials have only brought and discontent. Mr. has no place in political position. Evidenced with his Facebook posts. Help us all if he retains office!" - CD

"Let me start off by saying that Amarillo is not in the same class as Lubbock, TX. Lubbock has a major university and this means more tax dollars to spend. Lubbock is making big changes at the University and in the city. In short, Lubbock is thriving and growing by leaps and bounds.

Amarillo is a smaller town with a Junior College and not as much funding or as many tax dollars. Yes, both cities have minor league hockey teams, and yes we both had minor league baseball teams. The league in Amarillo is gone because we simply couldn't support them. Why do we need a  new baseball stadium if we don't have a team? Look at the NFL, there a few teams spread out over the United States. I don't think there are any two teams within 120 miles of each other.

One of the improvements we voted on was spending millions of dollars to build new athletic fields ( with artificial turf) for the children growing up now to play on. Mind you thee are at public parks not for a school. If you watch the news, you have seen the newly laid artificial turf at Fannin Middle School has already been vandalized and will cost a lot of money to fix. Children of all ages have used grass athletic fields for hundreds of years. We are not building fields for professional athletes, the new fields are for the public use. Yes, it might help bring in a few more athletic tournaments, but I don't think it would bring in enough money to offset the cost for many years. Instead of spending the money on a proposed profit let's fix what we have. Athletic fields are like an automobile, if you don't maintain them they break down.

Unfortunately, that is our government in action. Our leaders are just like our congressmen. They vote on what they want instead of what is best for the city. We need to focus on improving transportation, city services, and basic human needs first. I don't make a lot of money so I voted down the ball park and park improvements. I save all year to pay the taxes on my house. There are many people like me that simply can't afford the big tax increases. The city leaders are like congress in the fact that they favor the rich not the common man. I ask that they try to live on $30,000.00 a year( before taxes, health insurance, groceries, and utilities or a phone)." - MK

"You local media types don't want perspective at all!!

You didn't want it in 2014 when you were approached (by me w/ supporting evidence/facts in hand) and you dang sure don't want to hear the truth about what's taken place since then!!

The entire destruction of City leadership could have been avoided had our local media not been SO busy sensationalizing the events as they unfolded over the last two and a half years.

And yes, News Channel 10 has employees complicit in what took place, so does channel 7!!

And the media as a whole wonders why folks don't trust them." - MM

"The structure of the city council is outdated. If you compare the ratio of council members to population Amarillo is short by 2 council  members. We need 6 members and each member needs to come from a different neighborhood in the city so that ALL citizens can receive EQUAL representation. Having all members come from the wealthy side of town means nothing is done to help the poor sides of town.

Want an example?  Go over to the neighborhood around 10th to 15th street between Grand and Eastern. Kids walk to school in the streets because there are no sidewalks and the back alleys are full of mud and holes up to 16" deep!" - KM

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